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Goodwill Cars to Work is a nonprofit program that offers secured auto loans to applicants with no or low credit scores.

Our mission is to connect Kentuckians with affordable transportation so they can maintain employment, grow in their careers and achieve self-sufficiency.

Why loans?

We hope to help our participants establish and build credit through repayment of their auto loan. We partner with Apprisen to provide financial education and coaching to each of our participants.

Our Partnerships Make Pre-Approved Participants Possible.

Goodwill Cars to Work has partnered with Oxmoor Auto Group, Apprisen, and Park Community Credit Union to break down transportation barriers and assist program participants to build or establish credit. Oxmoor Auto Group is helping to match our participants with a vehicle that meets their needs. Park Community Credit Union has partnered with Goodwill to administer the program loans and provide education to participants on the lending process. Apprisen provides each participant with a financial foundations class, credit health review and six months of financial coaching.

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Program Benefits:

  • Down payment match of $500
  • Affordable monthly payments between $150-$210 per month
  • Fixed 5% interest rate regardless of credit score or history
  • Interest reimbursement once the loan is paid in full with no late payments
  • Free credit health review and six months of financial coaching to help you establish and/or build credit

Program requirements:

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Valid Social Security card
  • Actively employed, with at least three (3) months of paystubs from your current employer
  • Must be working at least 30 hours per week. Less hours may be accepted for those receiving Social Security
  • Confirmation of residence of at least 90 days at current address.
  • On-time payments for rent and utilities
  • Confirmation of $500.00 in savings (to be matched by Goodwill)
  • Ability to afford recurring costs:
    • Monthly vehicle payment
    • State-required vehicle insurance
    • General maintenance and repairs
    • Fuel
    • Taxes and registration for the vehicle

Apply today!

If you are interested in applying for a secured loan, please complete this online form to get started. We look forward to helping you and other Kentuckians achievesuccess.


Celebrating success

After graduating from law school in China, Bobby moved to the United States, where he was hired at Horseshoe Casino as the VIP Multicultural Hospitality Host. Without a vehicle, Bobby’s friends and co-workers helped him get to and from work. The Office of the Blind assisted Bobby in obtaining a bioptic driving telescope for his glasses and referred him to Goodwill Cars to Work in 2017. Katie Ramser, Goodwill Cars to Work Career Coach, helped connect Bobby with an affordable vehicle and a one-year loan. After making all payments on time, Bobby paid off his loan in October 2017, and the interest he paid was reimbursed to him.

“Bobby has been wonderful to work to with and is an extremely positive person,” said Katie. “He’s constantly telling me how much he loves the program and how happy he is with his vehicle.”
Car donation foundation participant

Bobby added, “This program is better than the best. Any positive words you can think of, I would say them. This program gives people like me a start. The start is important because we aren’t in a position to purchase a new vehicle, so we seek help. I am so glad we have programs to help those in need.”