• + For tax purposes, what should I expect after donating my vehicle?

    Goodwill Cars to Work provides you with all necessary documents to receive your tax deduction, including a letter of acknowledgement.

    If your donated vehicle is purchased by a low-income Kentucky family through Goodwill Cars to Work, you’ll most likely be able to deduct the vehicle’s fair market value from your taxes. A donor whose vehicle is sold at auction may be able to deduct the amount for which the vehicle was sold with a minimum deduction of $500, in line with IRS standards.

    *PLEASE NOTE: Goodwill Cars to Work cannot offer specific tax advice. For more information about vehicle donation tax donations, please review this brochure from the IRS or contact a qualified tax advisor.

  • + What types of vehicles will Goodwill accept?

    We accept cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and motorcycles.

    We cannot accept vehicles that are wrecked beyond reasonable repair. Typically our free towing service can pick up the vehicle within seven business days of the donation date. Please call 1-866-654-CARS to discuss this option, or if you have questions about your vehicle’s condition.

  • + I want to donate a vehicle, but it has an out-of-state title. What should I do?

    Different states have different requirements for title transfers. If your vehicle title is from a state other than Kentucky, please call our toll-free number, 1-866-654-CARS (2277), for specific details.

  • + How can I refer a potential participant for the Goodwill Cars to Work program?

    Goodwill Cars to Work participants must first be referred by a partnering social service or government organization. For more information about this process, please email cars@goodwillky.org.

    In order to qualify for Cars to Work, a potential participant will need a referral from a qualified service provider. Participants will also need a valid driver’s license, a $250 down payment, the ability to purchase the minimum state-required car insurance, the ability to make monthly car payments for 12-24 months, and the ability to budget for gas, oil, minor repairs, and tax and registration renewal for the second year they own the car.

  • + Why aren’t the vehicles given away to people who need transportation?

    Goodwill has always been dedicated to giving people “a hand up, not a handout.” A key component of achieving long-term stability is having an understanding of basic financial principles. For low-income families, buying a vehicle is a significant financial commitment. It is critical for Cars to Work participants to learn and implement budgeting to properly maintain their vehicle and avoid repossession. Cars to Work not only teaches basic financial principles, but it also gives participants the opportunity to feel a sense of ownership, dignity, and responsibility. The program also helps participants build their credit ratings and increase purchasing power for the future.