Make a Difference with a Goodwill Car Donation in Louisville, KY

If you don’t need your old car anymore and are not sure what to do with it, why not donate? Your generosity to Goodwill Cars to Work in Louisville, KY, helps those in need obtain reliable transportation for employment and other important daily tasks. Many Kentuckians are unable to join or rejoin the workforce due to a lack of affordable transportation. We know that buying and maintaining a vehicle can be difficult, and that’s why we started Goodwill Cars to Work. Our mission has, and always will be, a simple one: help our community obtain affordable transportation. It can be difficult to stay employed if you can’t drive to work and can’t afford car repairs because your paycheck goes to paying a mortgage and supporting a family. These are tough situations that often have expensive solutions, and we’re here to help. And, by making a Goodwill car donation, you’re helping us help others!

What happens to my car after it’s donated?

When you donate your vehicle to Goodwill Cars to Work, you’re also donating to your community. Whether your car is drivable, doesn’t crank, or didn’t pass emissions doesn’t matter to us. All you need to do is fill out our form and have the information we need ready. After that, we’ll come and pick up your donation vehicle free of charge! We know that donating a vehicle is no small feat, so we make the donation process as easy and convenient as possible. In addition, your generous donation is tax deductible! Once we’ve retrieved your vehicle, we photograph it, thoroughly inspect it, and add it to our listings for auction. We do our best to make sure all the information is as accurate as possible. Then, our auction participants bid on and purchase it. Those funds go directly to the Goodwill Cars to Work program.

How your tax-deductible donation helps your community

The Goodwill Cars to Work program uses the money earned from Goodwill auctions to help eligible families and individuals obtain affordable transportation. We offer prices and interest rates that are significantly lower than what you’d find at a used car dealership. Goodwill Cars to Work also helps individuals or families find the vehicle that’s right for them so that they are equipped to enter or return to the workforce. For example, if your job requires you to haul large or heavy items, we do our best to make sure you have a reliable truck. Similarly, we know that an office worker would probably prefer a fuel-efficient car like a sedan for their commute.

Donate today!

Your generous donation of a vehicle can make all the difference for a Kentuckian in need. Goodwill Cars to Work tirelessly works to improve the quality of life for community members by providing affordable transportation options. Owning a car is especially helpful in rural areas because public transportation is likely not an option. We’re committed to helping our community find and obtain jobs by making sure they can drive to and from work! Our staff is more than happy to help in any way they can, and we’re always available during business hours via phone or in person. Contact Goodwill Cars to Work in Louisville, KY, today to learn more!