Improve a Life with a Car Donation in Lexington, KY

Goodwill Cars to Work Provides a Way Out of Poverty

Goodwill Cars to Work builds connections with Kentuckians by providing them with affordable vehicles through car donations. Lexington, KY residents can benefit from our life-enriching program. We believe every individual deserves the ability to better their life. We understand it is difficult to do so when getting to and from work is challenging. So, Goodwill built a program to help lift people out of poverty, improve their employment opportunities, and enhance their quality of life. While lacking affordable transportation can make life difficult for those living in Lexington, KY, our program can change that.

How You Can Help Improve Lives by Donating Your Car

Many people don’t realize you can give a car to Goodwill, but you can. We partnered with Oxmoor Auto Group, Apprisen, and Park Community Credit Union for our program. If you have a car and have a desire to make someone’s life better by donating it, then our program will distribute it to program participants. Our donation program offers numerous benefits, including:

  • It covers the cost of Goodwill’s Last Mile to Work program, which provides refurbished bicycles to Lexington residents who rely on public transportation to get to work. This program helps if there is no bus stop near their place of employment.
  • It funds Goodwill’s financial literacy training program. Through this program, we provide ongoing support services to help individuals save for a vehicle and learn to budget for all car-related maintenance and costs.
  • The donation acts as a match for qualifying participants’ down payment on a vehicle. We do this in partnership with select auto dealers and financial institutions. It enables us to offer better vehicles to participants in the program.
  • Our team helps you receive the maximum tax deduction from your generous contribution to another’s life.

How to Qualify for the Car Donation Program

We’re thrilled to see the results of our hard work. We believe in the program we’ve designed. Each of our team members commits entirely to its success. However, while we work hard on behalf of those who need a little extra help to work their way out of poverty, Goodwill Cars to Work does have some requirements all Lexington participants must meet to take part in the program. We can help you determine whether you qualify. Visit our program page to learn more about the qualification requirements.

Enroll in Goodwill’s Lexington Cars to Work Program

If you live in Lexington, KY, we encourage you to consider Goodwill’s Cars to Work Program. We believe affordable and reliable transportation is a critical component in the success of our neighbors. Unfortunately, many residents lack the transportation needed to take advantage of all the opportunities they have available to them. Our program enables you to apply for a better job on a different side of time and present a more professional image to potential employees. To learn more, contact us today.