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Why Choose to Donate Your Car to Goodwill Cars to Work?

Everything has a purpose … and a repurpose. Even cars. As a local nonprofit, Goodwill Cars to Work helps Kentuckians who want a chance to participate in the workforce, improve their lives, and achieve self-sufficiency through our Cars to Work Program. While you may have donated various household items to Goodwill in the past (thanks for all the great stuff, by the way!), you may not have considered donating your car to Goodwill. Here are a few reasons why it makes sense to choose Goodwill Cars to Work as your preferred car donation center in Louisville and Lexington, KY:

We’re connecting working Kentuckians with affordable transportation so they can maintain and upgrade their employment. Revenue from your auto donation in Louisville or Lexington, KY helps Goodwill make transportation more affordable for working Kentuckians in the following ways:

  • By covering the cost of our Last Mile to Work program, which provides refurbished bicycles to Kentuckians who use public transportation to get to their worksite.
  • By funding financial literacy training and ongoing support services to help participants save for a vehicle and budget for maintenance and associated costs.
  • By providing a match for a qualifying participant’s down payment on a personal vehicle in partnership with select auto dealers and financial institutions.
Keys to new vehicle at Goodwill Cars to work Auto Auctions

How Goodwill Car Donation Works in Louisville & Lexington, KY

Our car donation center in Louisville, KY is open 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday to assist you with all your auto donation needs. For your convenience, we provide a free tow from many locations in Kentucky, so you never have to worry about finding the time or resources necessary to drive the vehicle to our car donation center. While we sell many of the donated vehicles to qualifying participants in our Cars to Work Program, we also conduct auto auctions, at which time they’re available for the public to purchase at affordable rates. However, we maximize the value of your car donation by operating our own auto auctions, avoiding costly fees to third-party vendors.

Auto Donation Specialists Help You Get Maximum Tax Deduction

Because Goodwill Cars to Work believes no good deed deserves to go unrewarded, our auto donation specialists in Louisville and Lexington, KY want to help you get the maximum possible tax deduction. First, you should consult the Kelley Blue Book to determine your car’s fair market value. This information varies according to your specific make and model and the overall condition, but it serves as a guideline of what your car is expected to bring at auction.

When claiming your tax deduction, you won’t be allowed to deduct more than what the car brought at the auction unless it was significantly discounted or kept for internal use by Goodwill. The amount of your deduction dictates which tax form needs to be filled out, but our auto donation specialists would be happy to report the sales price of your car using Form 1098-C. You’ll also likely need proof of your donation. We’d be glad to issue you the necessary documentation, including your name, vehicle identification number, and the date of your donation, upon request.

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How to Donate a Car to Goodwill in Louisville or Lexington, KY

If you’ve decided to donate a car to Goodwill Cars to Work in Louisville or Lexington, KY, we’re grateful for your trust and generous gift. All you have to do is complete the form below to begin our simple auto donation process. Do you have questions or need accommodations? Contact Goodwill Cars to Work to find out how you can make a meaningful difference in a fellow Kentuckian’s life today with your Goodwill car donation. It’s easy to start the car donation process online, or you can complete your donation via mail by following these steps:

  • Please complete the attached Donation Intake Form in its entirety.
  • Complete the attached Limited Power of Attorney Form in its entirety.
  • Take the completed Limited Power of Attorney Form to a Notary Public to be notarized.
  • Make a copy of all documents for your records (if you wish).
  • Mail the Donation Intake Form, Limited Power of Attorney Form, your vehicle’s title, and your vehicle’s registration to:

Goodwill Cars to Work

ATTN: Donation Specialist
4000 McCollum Court
Louisville, KY 40218

NOTE: The donor or notary does NOT need to sign the vehicle’s title, as long as the Limited Power of Attorney Form has been signed and notarized. If you have any questions while completing your auto donation, please feel free to email or call us toll-free. Our car donation specialists will call or email you to confirm receipt of your paperwork and to explain the next steps in the process. Again, thank you for your generous car donation in Louisville or Lexington, KY!

Thank you for choosing Goodwill Industries of Kentucky!