Program Eligibility

Goodwill Cars to Work Program Eligibility in Louisville, KY

The bottom line is: you have to get to work. We all know that commuting isn’t fun, but it’s usually a part of the job. For some, commuting can be nearly impossible. Perhaps your vehicle no longer works, or you simply can’t afford one to begin with. Maybe you’d like to take public transportation, but there aren’t options in your rural area. Maybe you’re a person who cannot take public transportation in general. Sure, you could take a taxi or cab, but those expenses add up to a not-so-fiscally responsible solution to the problem. That’s why Goodwill Cars to Work in Louisville, KY, exists. We think that no matter your situation, you deserve the ability to stay employed.

If these scenarios sound familiar to you, consider applying for the Goodwill Cars to Work program! We can help you find a reliable vehicle that’s right for you, your family, and lifestyle. With the right car, we ensure that you’re ready to commute to work and complete other daily tasks, like grocery shopping and doctor’s appointments, with a reliable vehicle. Call us to learn more about program eligibility!

Find out if your eligible for our program

The Goodwill Cars to Work program helps eligible families and individuals find reliable and affordable transportation in order to keep a steady income and increase their quality of life. A broken-down vehicle or no vehicle at all could mean losing your job. Without public transportation, you may also be between a rock and a hard spot.

In order to be eligible for our program you must:

  • Have no drug offenses
  • Provide proof of residence
  • Have been working six months to a year at the same job
  • Have an up-to-date driver’s license
  • Must be able to pass a criminal background check
  • Must provide MVR and DMV records
  • Provide proof of income with a current W2 or recent payroll stubs
  • Remain working one year after receiving a vehicle from us

Why our program is better than a dealership

Purchasing a vehicle from a used car dealership sounds like a good idea. The price tag might look like a great deal because you aren’t buying a brand-new car. But behind price and payment plans, there’s typically a high-interest rate. In the end, you’ll end up paying more for the vehicle than you intended.

The Goodwill Cars to Work program sells reliable vehicles for significantly lower prices and lower interest rates than a used car dealership. We make sure you feel confident in your purchase when you leave our lot, and we’ll help you find the vehicle that’s right for you and your lifestyle. You can also rest assured that we inspect every vehicle thoroughly before it’s ready for sale. Contact us in Louisville, KY, to learn more.

Apply to our program today!