Program Eligibility

Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements to be placed with a vehicle:

Valid Kentucky driver’s license

Resident of Kentucky

Employed full- or part-time and have one month of paystubs

Under ongoing case management with a referring agency or organization

Able to afford:

  • A one-time down payment of $250
  • A car payment of $150 to $275 per month for one or two years
  • Taxes, fees, and some parts associated with repairs covered under the extended service plan for the duration of the loan
  • Insurance premiums* for the life of the car (liability-only coverage is acceptable) 
  • General maintenance (oil changes, wiper blade replacement, tires, etc.) for the life of the car
  • Taxes and registration beginning with the second year of car ownership and for the life of the car (Goodwill covers the first year of taxes and registration)
  • Full repair costs after successful completion of the loan and extended service plan period

*Insurance premiums may be higher for first-time car owners, those with poor driving records, and/or those with very low credit scores.