Benefits of Car Ownership

Benefits of Car Ownership through the Goodwill Cars to Work Donation Center

Natasha and her son from Kentucky

Natasha, pictured with her son, bought her vehicle in August 2014.

Owning a car, while initially challenging, provides a wealth of benefits we have noticed over the years at our Goodwill Cars to Work donation center. In the early days of car ownership, a great deal of operation, maintenance, and planning must be done, including budgeting for repairs, signing insurance papers, and much more. However, we see it as a long-term investment for our participants in the Cars to Work program, allowing them to build or improve their credit through a practical but low-risk experience. We have also seen our participants gain valuable experience about budgeting, loans, interest, and credit ratings. This allows them to, after paying off the refundable-interest car loan in 12 to 24 months, have a good amount of necessary financial principles to achieve self-sufficiency.

Throughout Kentucky, as well as across much of the U.S., access to public transportation is lacking and is simply not enough to connect Kentuckians to sufficient economic opportunities. As of 2009, over 75% of workers commuted by driving a personal vehicle, providing better access to more lucrative jobs in safer neighborhoods. Bus stops can be a less secure option, leaving those waiting exposed not only to the elements but to people with possibly less-than-honorable intentions. Research shows that approximately 7.5 million households from the top 100 U.S. metropolitan areas do not have access to a privately owned vehicle, and that 60% of them are low income. Having a vehicle thanks to a car donation or donation center gives them access to higher-quality neighborhoods, which are likely to have jobs that pay more. It also allows vehicle owners to arrive at work on time, take on more varied shifts, or not have to worry about working overtime, all factors that play a strong role in keeping their jobs and climbing the ladder, opening the doors to more opportunities.

At Goodwill Cars to Work, we believe there’s an even more important aspect that car ownership plays a role in – one we’ve seen often at our Goodwill donation center: that of the family. We have found that individuals who own a car are able to build stronger families and work on more meaningful connections with their children. For example, they can take their children to extracurricular activities such as sports, or attend school events more easily. Taking public transit to work, then to school, and then back home could easily consume four hours of their day, leaving less time for the most important things that matter. Finally, we’ve noticed that families who own a vehicle can take better care of their health by having easier access to routine checkups, immunizations, or much more. If a more serious emergency arises, they can easily get there by car instead of waiting for public transit or paying hefty ambulance or taxi fees.

In conclusion, at our donation center in Louisville, we have seen that car ownership via car donations provides the following benefits:

  • Securing and maintaining better-paying jobs
  • Work flexibility
  • Self-reliance and fiscal responsibility
  • Stress alleviation
  • Better credit
  • Higher quality of life

For these and many more reasons, we are proud to offer cars through our Goodwill Cars to Work program. For more information on how you can become a participant at our Goodwill donation center, or if you wish to make a car donation in Louisville, KY, pick up the phone and speak to us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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