Live Auction Vehicles & FAQs

View the Vehicles at Goodwill’s Auction Showroom in Louisville, KY

Offering a variety of vehicles, Goodwill’s car auction is likely to have something that’s right for you at a price you won’t be able to find anywhere else. From Acura cars to Volkswagen vehicles, we always have a plethora of options to choose from. Each vehicle is accurately and honestly described and includes high-quality photos so you can see every detail before you bid.

We invite you to explore our auction showroom listings online or in-person prior to an auction! We suggest checking the auction schedule regularly, as the dates of our online and live auctions are subject to change.

All auction proceeds support the Goodwill Cars to Work’s mission to provide affordable transportation options to hardworking families and individuals in the state of Kentucky. To learn more, contact us in Louisville, KY, today!

Are all of these vehicles in the same working condition?

No. Each vehicle is as unique as its previous owner. Some vehicles may not run, while others might only have a few scratches. Each description provides a full look at the vehicle’s condition, along with a current photo. This information is as accurate as possible, based on information provided by the donor. Read each description thoroughly before bidding. We encourage you to reach out if you have any questions about the bidding process!

How do you determine the working condition of each vehicle?

Our staff is committed to giving you, the buyer, accurate information. We inspect each vehicle to make sure that you know exactly what you’re bidding on and ensure that our descriptions are as accurate and honest as possible. In each description, you’ll find information you need as well as a few acronyms.

So as not to lead to any confusion, the acronyms are listed as follows for your convenience:

  • R: Runs
  • M: Runs, moves
  • Cranks: Vehicle engine cranks
  • DNR: Does not run
  • DNM: Runs, does not move

Why bid on a vehicle from a Goodwill auction?

When you participate in a Goodwill auction, you are directly helping your community. You are supporting our ongoing efforts to make sure that working Kentuckians and families have the ability to obtain a vehicle. We tirelessly work toward this goal because we know that a vehicle makes a huge impact when it comes to getting to and from work and other important daily engagements. In rural areas, there aren’t many options for commuters who need affordable transportation. We’re here to help alleviate that need through the generosity of those who donated their cars to Goodwill Cars to Work. Our program is made possible by those who participate in our auctions. You can feel good about where the money you bid goes.

View our auction showroom to browse the vehicles available. Call Goodwill Cars to Work in Louisville, KY, to learn more!