Application Process

Application Process

Applicants complete an application with assistance from their case manager.

Goodwill Cars to Work will notify both the applicant and the case manager if:

  • The application is incomplete.
  • Additional information is required.

Incomplete applications will be denied if all information is not received within two weeks.

Goodwill Cars to Work will notify both the applicant and the case manager when the application is approved or denied.

If denied, applicants may reapply after six months.

Credit Check

Goodwill Cars to Work will order a credit report for the applicant. Applicants are not automatically disqualified if they have:

Medical debt

Low credit score

Discharged bankruptcy

Short periods of non-payment due to extenuating circumstances provided the debt is paid off or in repayment

An application will likely be denied if any of the following are identified on the credit report:

Eviction or vehicle repossession in the last two years

Recurring non-payment of debt

Items omitted from or that contradict the budget provided in the application

Active bankruptcy

Placement Process

Approved applicants are provided information on up to three available vehicles.

Applicant obtains an insurance quote on the selected vehicle.

Goodwill Cars to Work verifies that the applicant can afford the car payment and insurance premium.

Applicant and Goodwill Cars to Work coordinate a placement date.

Placement Day

Participant test-drives his/her vehicle

Participant provides proof of insurance and $250 down payment

Participant completes loan documents and program forms

Participant takes the vehicle home