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Meet Tracy from Kentucky

When the Goodwill Cars to Work program launched in 2012, Tracy was our first car on the road!

About Goodwill Cars to Work in Louisville

Founded in 2012, Goodwill Cars to Work is a program of Goodwill Industries of Kentucky, Inc., with the aim of providing affordable transportation to working Kentuckians who either have a disability or experience other barriers toward finding and maintaining employment. At our Goodwill donation center in Louisville, KY, we believe in the value of all citizens having access to employment, but realize this is often difficult to achieve. The top three barriers in finding and maintaining employment are childcare, lack of training, and transportation. In rural areas of Kentucky that have little to no reliable public transportation and many citizens having to commute longer distances, having accessible transportation is paramount to maintaining a decent job. While there are sometimes other alternatives such as carpooling, we have found that these may not be reliable or viable alternatives, which is where we step in with Goodwill auto donations.

Goodwill Industries of Kentucky holds a nonprofit auto dealer license, allowing Goodwill Cars to Work to offer affordable options from a selection of donated autos for those who do not have access to reliable transportation. Almost everywhere in Kentucky, having affordable transportation dramatically increases these citizens’ quality of life. Participants of Cars to Work receive the boost they need to find and maintain employment, as well as simply increase their quality of life.

With the help of Cars to Work, participants are able to climb the work ladder and eventually land higher-paying jobs. A car provides flexibility, which can also give participants more working hours. Participants also gain self-sufficiency and are able to build or improve their credit ratings. When you look at all these benefits put together, you can see firsthand how Cars to Work can alleviate the often massive amounts of stress these individuals and families experience. In fact, in the first full year of operation, Cars to Work helped more than 100 families purchase a donated vehicle, setting them on the road to success.

If you are interested in applying to purchase a donated vehicle from Goodwill Cars to Work, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must live in the areas Goodwill Cars to Work services (all of which are Kentucky counties except Boone, Boyd, Caldwell, Campbell, Carter, Crittenden, Daviess, Greenup, Henderson, Hopkins, Kenton, Lawrence, Lewis, Martin, McClean, Union, and Webster)
  • You must be in possession of (and maintain) a valid Kentucky driver’s license
  • You must be employed either on a full- or part-time basis and have no less than one month’s worth of pay stubs
  • You must be currently receiving and maintaining case management services (either from a nonprofit or a government agency)

If you meet these qualifications, contact us by calling (866) 654-2277 so we can schedule an appointment. We look forward to seeing you.

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