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Help Those in Need with the Goodwill Auction in Louisville, KY

Founded in 2012, Goodwill Cars to Work is a program of Goodwill Industries of Kentucky, Inc. We’re dedicated to helping individuals enter the workforce and maintain and improve their employment. We improve the quality of life of those in need and help them establish and reach their economic goals through tax-deductible vehicle donations. Everyone can have a bright future, and we’re here to jumpstart the journey.

Our goal is simple: connect working citizens in the State of Kentucky with affordable transportation options. At our Goodwill donation center in Louisville, KY, we believe in the value of all citizens having access to employment, but we realize this is often difficult to achieve.

Breaking the unemployment cycle with auction cars

In rural areas of the State of Kentucky, there is often little to no reliable public transportation, and citizens don’t have many options when it comes to conquering their commute. Having transportation is paramount to maintaining a steady job, and in almost every part of the state, having affordable transportation dramatically improves quality of life. However, for some, the question remains: how can I afford a vehicle that helps me find and maintain employment if I cannot find employment because I do not have a vehicle to commute with?

That’s why Goodwill Cars to Work is devoted to helping those who need a reliable vehicle in order to join the workforce or keep their employment. With your generous, tax-deductible donations, we make a direct impact on the lives of families and individuals in need.

Become a beacon of hope with Goodwill

The top three barriers in finding and maintaining employment are child care, lack of training, and transportation. Each of these barriers is often more complicated than meets the eye, and there’s not always a clear and easy solution. It can be discouraging to come to the realization that you’re unable to afford child care, job training, or a vehicle that fits your individual needs, but we want to be a beacon of hope by providing a real solution.

When you donate a vehicle to Goodwill Cars to Work, you’re directly helping someone in your community. Your donation could mean the world to a fellow Kentuckian and could be the help they need to maintain a steady job, drive their child to school or a doctor’s appointment, or enroll in classes or job training.

Giving back with a tax-deductible donation

The Goodwill Cars to Work program wants to help those in need find and obtain resources that can help them change their lives for the better. Through your tax-deductible donation of a vehicle, we’re able to offer qualifying individuals and families prices and interest rates that are significantly lower than what they would find at a car dealership. We also take time to find the right vehicle for their needs. These efforts make our program unique and have allowed us to help more than 20,000 individuals and families.

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